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Working During Meal Break Controversy Continues: What Employers Should Do

Posted in Working Time

In December, I blogged about off-the-clock work in my post Unreported, Off-the-Clock Work.  Off-the-clock work includes meal break time, and issues arise when employees work during these breaks, or claim that they work during these breaks, but are not paid.  Recently, an Ohio federal judge decertified a class of employees who alleged that their employer’s… Continue Reading

The Offensive Use Of DOL Opinion Letters In Overtime (And Other) Wage-Hour Class Actions

Posted in Class Actions, Exemptions

I have been representing an employer in a class action in which Registered Nurses, paid hourly, sought overtime.  We won on summary judgment at the trial court, on the strength of two New Jersey Department of Labor Opinion Letters (one going back to 1975), that held that it was the DOL’s interpretation that as long… Continue Reading

Critical New Development On Status of Mortgage Loan Officers Under FLSA

Posted in Class Actions, Exemptions

I have written many times on the questionable exempt status of mortgage loan officers, brokers, mortgage originators and other similarly titled employees.  I have called attention to the proliferation of class/collective actions against mortgage and banking companies on this issue. Now, the US Department of Labor has issued definitive guidance.  Now, except in certain circumstances,… Continue Reading

When Donning and Duffing Necessary Protective Clothing Is Not Compensable

Posted in Class Actions, Working Time

A federal judge has dismissed a possible class/collective action concerning an alleged failure by Butterball, the giant poultry company, to pay workers for donning and doffing time.  I have written many times on this subject, but this case is different because the court found that the employees’ union had agreed to the policy of not… Continue Reading

FLSA Donning and Duffing Class Action Defeated Because of Labor Contract Provision

Posted in Class Actions, Working Time

I have posted a few times about Fair Labor Standards Act donning and doffing cases. The general rule is that donning and doffing is compensable if these preliminary and postliminary activities are integral to the performance of the employee’s primary job. For a rule, there is always an exception. In a case entitled Johnson v.… Continue Reading

The Employer Beats The Class To The Punch With A Dramatic Result!

Posted in Class Actions, Exemptions

In a ground-breaking decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has set a path down for defendant-employers in Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) class actions that is breathtaking in its simplicity and conclusive effect. In Vinole v. Countrywide Home Loans, the Court ruled that an employer need not wait until the close of discovery (which… Continue Reading