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The Danger of Automatic Lunch Deductions Surfaces (Again)

Posted in Class Actions, Working Time

I recently gave a presentation at a national wage-hour conference in Miami on the perils of automatic deductions for lunch and the possibility that such a procedure could lead to class actions, with the allegation that the employee(s) worked through lunch but nevertheless suffered an automatic deductions.  I have also found that many hospitals and… Continue Reading

Health Care Industry: DOL Intensified Focus Mandates More Awareness

Posted in Class Actions, Working Time

In a recent posting in the Wage Hour Defense Blog, Kara Maciel brought attention to the new, intensified focus by the federal Department of Labor in auditing and inspecting health care facilities.  I represent a number of such facilities and have also noticed an uptick in such investigations, especially as concerns lunch breaks and rounding. … Continue Reading

US DOL Finds 4000 Nurses at SSM Health Care Owed One Million Dollars Over Missed Lunches

Posted in Class Actions, Working Time

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, there is no law requiring employees receive a lunch period or break times. However, when the employer gives time for lunch, the employees must receive at least thirty minutes and the time must be uninterrupted. Put differently, the employees must be completely relieved from duty. When employees are not… Continue Reading