This January is an exciting month for several reasons: (1) it’s my birthday month and (2) the NJ DOL issued the new poster promulgated by the 2012 amendment to the NJ Equal Pay Act.

The Amendment was passed about one year ago, and employers have been standing-by, patiently waiting for the DOL to issue it.  The Amendment requires employers with 50 or more employees to conspicuously post a form issued by the DOL a poster detailing the right to be free of gender inequity or bias in pay, compensation, benefits or other terms or conditions of employment under the Law Against Discrimination.”

The posting and distribution requirements were triggered yesterday (January 6, 2014) and now the following is required:

  • Starting yesterday (1/6/14) employers with 50 or more employees must post conspicuously post the gender equity notice in a place accessible to all employees;
  • For each employees who was hired on or before 1/6/14, the employer must provide each employee a notice by February 5, 2014;
  • For each employee who was hired after 1/6/14, the employer must provide that employee with a written copy of the gender equity notice at the time of the employee’s hiring;
  • The notice must be distributed annually on or before 12/31 of each year;
  • If any employee requests the notice, the employer must provide it.

Employers additionally must obtain accompany the Notice with an acknowledgment form, that must be signed and returned to the employer within 30 days of its receipt.