A federal judge has ordered Chipotle Mexican Grill to turn over attorney-client communications because the Company failed to meet a “good-faith” compliance requirement under federal law.  This is a FLSA collective action case where the theory was that the chain misclassified a group of workers as exempt from overtime under the executive exemption of 29

After a three-week jury trial, Southern New England Telephone Company has won a verdict finding that employees who were titled as field managers and classified as exempt, were in fact exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state law.  This case is significant because, as a rule, first-level managers are often in reality “working

It is often difficult to claim that security officers are exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  However, in a recent federal lawsuit, four officers who were employed by a private, so-called, paramilitary force that provided security services at the atomic research laboratory at Los Alamos were ruled to be executive employees and

In a recent posting in the Connecticut Employment Law blog, Steve Lavelle wrote about a recent case in involving the exemption status of Store Managers for Family Dollar Stores.  The evidence showed that the employees rarely, if ever, discharged managerial duties and spent the vast amount of their time in performing duties identical to subordinates

Law firms are usually defending clients in wage-hour suits where the allegation is that the employee claims he/she has been misclassified as exempt when they are really not and are due overtime. But, law firms themselves must be diligent about properly classifying their own employees, especially when they categorize employees exempt under the administrative exemption.