I have written many times about class actions for claimed working time and the great danger of these “subtle” kinds of violations that then explode on the employer.  Call centers gave been especially hard hit with this new wave of collective actions.  Another example.  A class of customer service representatives has been conditionally certified in

I have often discussed the issue of lawsuits (usually collective actions) for off-the-clock claims and preliminary and postliminary work claimed to be compensable.  These are usually mundane activities and usually done for only a few minutes, but when the minutes occur every day, every week and there is a large group of employees engaging in

David LaGasse recently wrote a column in Employment Law 360 that  highlighted some of the wage-hour issues and  problems facing start-up companies.  I agree with these assessments and can comment further as follows.

He mentioned the tendency to classify workers as independent contractors.  On one level, this is tempting and seemingly much easier for a new