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Unlicensed Law Clerks Found to Be Exempt Employees

Posted in Exemptions

Last week, a California appeals court ruled that a former law clerk who had graduated from law school but not yet passed the bar, was exempt from overtime pay as a professional employee.  The former law clerk, Matthew Zalesko-Barrett, sued Brayton Purcell LLP alleging that the law firm denied him overtime, waiting time penalties, and… Continue Reading

Collective Action Defeated Through Finding Of Exempt Status of Accountants: Glory Be The Day!

Posted in Class Actions, Exemptions

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals court has concluded that a lower court’s dismissal of a collective action filed by accountants was legally proper on the basis that the Company did not misclassify these accountants as exempt.  In an area of wage-hour law that is rife with all manner of shades of gray, this is… Continue Reading