When employers are compelling employees or “suggesting” to employees that they engage in work-related activities before or after they go on and off the clock, trouble is brewing.  In the latest of these working time class actions, a group of employees working for Lululemon Athletica Inc. have sued the company under the Fair Labor Standards

I have written a number of times about the difficulty of proving that the administrative exemption applies to dispatchers in the transportation industry.  I have noted that most transportation employers consider these employees exempt because their job functions are critical to business operations.  Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, however, that is not the test.

In a recent posting in the Connecticut Employment Law blog, Steve Lavelle wrote about a recent case in involving the exemption status of Store Managers for Family Dollar Stores.  The evidence showed that the employees rarely, if ever, discharged managerial duties and spent the vast amount of their time in performing duties identical to subordinates