I have often discussed the issue of lawsuits (usually collective actions) for off-the-clock claims and preliminary and postliminary work claimed to be compensable.  These are usually mundane activities and usually done for only a few minutes, but when the minutes occur every day, every week and there is a large group of employees engaging in

A group of satellite television dish technicians suing for overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) have been denied class certification based on the court’s finding that there was not sufficient commonality among the class members, or, put differently, there was too much of a need for individual scrutiny.   The case is entitled Shim

When piece-rate workers work more than forty hours, the Fair Labor Standards Act has developed a formula for determining and computing their overtime pay.  It is first essential, however, to realize that such workers are due overtime and to understand that workers who work “with their hands” such as mechanics or technicians, are entitled to