Mark Tabakman

I have defended more than one hundred Davis Bacon Act and state prevailing wage cases.  This is a much nuanced area of law with many minefields for the unwary employer

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One of the biggest threats facing employers is employees performing pre-shift/post-shift work without being paid and then suing, as a class, for that compensation.  This trend is especially prevalent in

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In the movie “Blow,” Johnny Depp complains to the Judge about to sentence him for interstate transportation of marijuana that all he did was take some vegetation across an imaginary

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Travel time cases that center around what is/is not home-to-work travel can be very tricky and nuanced.  This is especially so when employees have to first meet at a staging

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I am a big student of the FLSA motor carrier exemption and have handled many such cases.  I often find that a big obstacle for the employer claiming the exemption

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