Wang v. The Hearst Corporation

I have been following the protracted saga developing in the Second Circuit concerning whether interns are employees.  Recently, this Circuit overturned a lower court decision that granted conditional certification to an intern (and the putative class) alleging that they were statutory employees. That case is entitled Glatt et al. v. Fox Searchlight Pictures Inc.  Concomitantly,

I have posted a number of times on the slew of intern lawsuits recently filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This may be a new “wave” or fertile new ground for plaintiff side practitioners so I keep following these cases, particularly, the Hearst Corporation case, with more than a little interest. This particular case

Nowadays, an intern is a good thing to be.  The young person gets some experience for a resume and the “employer” gains some productive work accomplished as part of furthering the person’s education.  When the line is crossed and the issue becomes money, not getting “experience,” the putative employer must be able to defend its