There are some interesting cases going on right now about whether employees who work in electronic retail stores need to be paid for the time they spend waiting to get their bags checked when they clock in and out of their shifts.  Currently, these security checks are “off the clock” but sometimes these employees are spending 45 minutes a day waiting to get their bags checked.  Should they be getting paid for that time?  The courts are now deciding that question.

One of those employers is Apple, who is currently defending itself against a class-action case by store workers who say they were not paid for time spent waiting for Apple security to check their bags each time they left a store, whether for lunch breaks or at the end of their shift.  Understandable, Apple retail locations house some pretty expensive and tiny electronics (…not including the iPhone 6+ which just seems oddly huge).

I’ve been keeping an eye on this California class-action to see what happens because there are several other retail employers that have similar practices and have smaller class actions also pending.  The outcome may require employers to seriously modify their policies.