The USDOL has announced a proposed rule for implementing the President’s Executive Order, which would require federal government contractors to offer employees up to seven days of paid sick leave.  This is a bold initiative that is paralleling this fairly common fringe benefit offered by many private employers, but which construction contractors were perhaps less

I have blogged before on the “eagerly” anticipated DOL revisions to the white collar exemption regulations.  This initiative is designed to narrow the white collar exemptions to the Fair Labor Standards Act and would make possibly millions of additional employees overtime eligible.

The proposed rule is now expected this month, but its expected content is

The status of employees in the financial services industry has been the subject of numerous lawsuits and controversies.  The “new” FLSA regulations (from 2004) even postulate that a financial services employee can fit the administrative exemption, if their main job duty is not the selling of financial products.  Then, in March 2010, the US Department

The United States Department of Labor has announced that it will coordinate with the Internal Revenue Service as well as state officials in enforcing laws related to treatment of individuals as employees, rather than independent contractors.  This represents yet another tactic or step being taken to deal with the problem of alleged employee misclassification and